Subscription terms


You can terminate your membership at your convenience. Your fixed payments will then end immediately, and you can of course use the remaining time of your PlusPackage you have paid for.
Your user account and the associated services are strictly personal. It is not allowed to share, lend, resell or otherwise disclose information about its user account that may give others access to the Service, and you may only apply for housing on behalf of yourself or one household. It is not allowed to use a user account for automatic access or access the information at Spotrental by machine - automatic and machine access to data is offered for a fee and under license from Spotrental.

Payment and subscription agreement

By your payment, you accept that Spotrental may deduct the agreed amount that is in accordance with the selected service, either from your payment card or via mobilepay As your subscription starts immediately after payment, there is no right of withdrawal for the purchase. For technical reasons, you can not cancel your subscription for the first 24 hours. After the 24 hours, you can cancel your subscription at any time.


The subscription costs 1 £ for the first 4 days and subscription renewals costs 39 £ each 28. day which is deducted automatically until you unsubscribe.


All prices are incl. 20% VAT.

Delivery & delivery time

The ordered product or service is delivered immediately after payment. The amount will be deducted from your card immediately. You cancel your subscription at My Page when you are logged in

Conditions for ongoing subscription

When you click on purchase and complete the payment process, you also indicate that Spotrental may withdraw the agreed amount on an ongoing basis according to the the selected subscription. The selected subscription is automatically renewed until you unsubscribe from via My Page

Right of withdrawal

Cf. According to the Consumer Contracts Act, a 14-day right of withdrawal is granted on your purchase - but only if you have not used your subscription. If you therefore want to make use of the right of withdrawal, you must immediately after your purchase go down and click on "contact us" send us a message and log off until you receive a response. It is important that you do not use your subscription. If you use your subscription, you can not withdraw your purchase, but you can always unsubscribe from the current subscription, so you do not have to pay for additional subscription time.

Right of complaint

If the service has been taken into use, the right of complaint lapses. If the product could not be used due to a website error, the user may receive additional subscription time corresponding to the time the service could not be used. This requires the user to send documentation that the service could not be accessed - e.g. a screenshot.

Data security

All information on Spotrental is treated confidentially and is not passed on to others. Likewise, all communication with credit card information between you and the server takes place with an encrypted connection. Your payment information will be saved at our payment processor who is approved by Visa and PCI certified.

Change of Terms

Spotrental reserves the right to update the terms on an ongoing basis.